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Ricardo Venegas (San Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico, 1973), always has lived in Cuernavaca, Morelos. He studied Letras Hispánicas in the Faculty of philosophy and letters at UNAM and is master in Mexican literature by the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, BUAP, graduated with honors. Member of the Board of national advisors of the Mexican Academy for education and research in science, arts and Humanities (2015). His texts have appeared in the magazines Siempre, Ulrika, Casa Silva y Arquitrave (Colombia), Buenos Aires Poetry (Argentina), Agulha (Brasil), Siete culebras (Perú), revista de la New York University, y Contratiempo (Estados Unidos), Levure littéraire (Francia), Fili d´Aquilone y Sagarana (Italia) La Pájara pinta y Cal (España), Electron Libre (Marruecos), Blanco Móvil, Periódico de poesía, Los Universitarios (UNAM), in the newspapers Crónica, El Financiero, Excelsior (El Buho y Arena supplements) and in La Jornada Semanal (supplement of the national newspaper La Jornada). His work has been included in several anthologies, including: Doscientos años de Poesía Mexicana, compilation of Jair Cortés and Berenice Huerta (2010), in the international anthology Poetas Siglo XXI, edited by Fernando Sabido Sanchez (2012), in the Muestra Internacional 2012 de la Poesía en Español of the Prometeo Association of poetry (2012), and the Antología General de la Poesía Mexicana : In the second half of the 20th century to the third millennium, selection and prologue by Juan Domingo Argüelles (2014), among others. He is author of the books of poetry El Silencio está Solo (Eternos Malabares 1995); Destierros de la Voz (Eternos Malabares, 1995); Signos Celestes (Conaculta, 1995); Caravana del Espejo (Institute of culture of Morelos, 2000); Turba de Sonidos (Ediciones La Rana 2009), which was awarded with the Premio Nacional de Poesía Efraín Huerta 2008 and La Sed del Polvo (Conaculta/Inba, 2013), personal anthology prefaced by Evodio Escalante; he is also the author of Escribir para Seguir Viviendo (UAEM 2000) and Sendas de Garibay: memory, spirit and cunning (Conaculta, 2015), Entrevistas con Ricardo Garibay and essays on the novelist’s work prologue by Juan Domingo Argüelles and Javier Sicilia. He is compiler of the books Con-versatorias and Con-versatorias II & III, interviews with poets of the 50 (Conaculta/Inba, 2013, 2015), prologue by Hugo Gutiérrez Vega, Evodio Escalante and Roberto López Moreno, respectively. He drafted the anthology of Poetas Morelenses. Estaciones Bajo el Volcán (Conaculta/Inba, 2013), prologue by Sergio Mondragón and the volume Creación Bajo el Volcán vol. I & II, interviews with writers and artists in Morelos (2015), prologued by René Avilés Fabila and Luis Tovar. He has been fellow of the Centro Mexicano de Escritores, under the guidance of Carlos Montemayor and Alí Chumacero (2003-2004) and the National Fund for culture and the arts, in the category young creators (2005-2006). In 2014 He obtained the grant of Creadores con Trayectoria by the Secretaria de Cultura del Estado de Morelos. His poems have been translated into English, French, Italian and Portuguese. He was editor of the literary magazine Mala Vida, Mester de Junglaría (National Scholarship “Edmundo Valades” for the edition of independent magazines 1996-1997, 1997-1998 and 2003-2004). Currently directs the multidisciplinary magazine “Bitácora Pública” and the publishing house Eternos Malabares editions (recipient of the call (2010 and 2014) cultural co-investments and projects and stimulation of the program projects of investment in the production of works literary national of Conaculta-INBA (2013).

Translation credit: Laura Sámano Casillas



Lows an echo that astonishes
the languages of the Valley,
Cardinal flows,
vague stations,
the stars that germinate.

Low pulse spiral
rivers tensor,
wave drag
at the foot of the mountain,
water from Bengal,

Down a deadly angel
with the hand of God
in the look.

A Kingdom that tense low
Their North bows
where the light is full
and flock.

Low a rolling cycle
Of rainy delivered.

Low a chalice from heaven
in acid rain.

Springs secrets
They prestidigitates languages
that the air lefts in intact certainty.



Course of high seas

One day for the age overseas.
A distance that is short,
that returns
that will never happen.


Our senses
they are our guards.
“How long I lost
That I would not see?
The horizon cries
a boat in the eyes.





The curtains dancing in diaspora lunar,
scattered clouds holds each other

They could be dreams that approach in windows
they could be relatives who left alone, talking
and they do not even warn
we don´t even hear
and that they no longer exist.
We are not more than wind
vibrating in the blinds.




It will come from the appearance
the song of the cloud.

Wandering signal of those who love,
will come the silence of other years,
the lost station praise.

Your face is on,
God of time.

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