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Soul of Siberia

I was born in Western Siberia, Russia, Tomsk region in an ordinary family. In heritage I have always loved to do something with my own hands. My first works were not related to wood processing and I could not even imagine that someday I would be engaged in cutting wood mugs. I always grew up in nature, I walked a lot in the forests, along rivers. Since childhood, I love Siberia. And when I became more adult, I learned that there are mugs of wood. I’ve never heard of it before. And I set about trying to make a mug of wood for myself. My first circles were terrible. When I look at the photos of my first products I always laugh. But such a path is taken by everyone who learns something new. There is no limit to perfection. The idea of ​​shamanism is close to me. Shamans have always lived in Siberia. Therefore, this thread of shamanism can be traced in my works. The symbol on the mug in the form of half a Christmas tree means the Soul of Siberia. The soul of Siberia will not be whole without the soul of man. When you hold a mug, you become the empty half of the Christmas tree. You become one with the Soul of Siberia. Making a mug is my life path, my philosophy.


Siberia at -32’C
Autumn, the most delicious time for tea



Wooden mug that I specialise


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